Saris – Indian Fashion Borrows A Page From Bollywood

Bollywood is the fashion trendsetter in India. Despite living in a modern age, the entertainment industry continues to shape the fashion sensibilities of millions of Indians residing in different countries of the world. You might say no, but we have proof of it.

Can we forget those short kurtis worn by Rani Mukherjee in the movie Bunty Aur Babli, Kareena Kapoor’s T-Shirt salwar combo in Jab We Met and the Anarkali borrowed from a grand period film Mughal-e-Azam? We wore them till we could wear them no more. Bollywood has also influenced and redefined India’s traditional wear – Sari.

A sari is a length of cloth measuring 6 or 9 yards. Although, also used by men in earlier centuries, today it is an exclusively feminine garment. It exudes elegance and grace. With over 300 draping styles, it is one of the oldest clothing trends. The traditional sari saw a few bad times in the 20th century as people started favoring western-styled clothing, but thanks to Bollywood and the small screen, it made its comeback with a bang. As hip Bollywood actresses Sushmita Sen (Main Hoon Naa) and Priyanka Chopra (Dostana) donned a sari on the silver screen, almost every household and working woman desired to put her best foot forward in a sari.

An Indian Bride’s Dream – Kanjivaram and Banarasi Silk
Bollywood is all about glitz and glamour in its style and in the fashion trends it sets, but at the same time, it has pioneered the trend of Kanjivaram Saris. Veteran actress Rekha has popularised this silk and gold weave. In fact, it is her signature style as she dons a rich-textured drape to all the wedding ceremonies, award functions and social gatherings she attends. And, each time she wears one, she carries it with élan. Kanjivaram saris are known for their resplendent designs. Hence, they are the best choice of bridal wear.

Spaghetti Strap Blouses – A Chic Ensemble
Probably the boldest alteration to a conservative style such as a sari was the spaghetti strap blouse. The style has been epitomized by none other than the sassy and petite Mandira Bedi at the time of the cricket World Cup way back in 2003. Spaghetti blouse saris are revealing but not indecent. It is this style that is the running style in Bollywood and a style lapped up by commoners at weddings and social occasions.

Pocket Saris – An Evolving Legend
If you love the ease that comes with having pockets on your clothing and hence prefer a pair of jeans to a sari, you’re mistaken. Indian designers are continuously experimenting with design to increase the comfort and practicality of a sari. A tiny pocket stitched to the side, just below the waist, allows a working woman to go hands free. It is wide enough to hold your phone or your iPod and thereby makes sure you’re not cut off from technology despite your traditional attire.

The 6-yard goes abroad
While the sari has made its place in every Indian closet, the Indian garment has also captivated the Westerners. The love for saris has gone global. The dusky beauty Naomi Campbell, the gorgeous Victoria Beckham, the sultry Cameron Diaz, rich and famous Oprah Winfrey and a bevy of tennis players have donned a sari to charity functions or walked the ramp in one.

It’s time to go SHOPPING!
The market for Bollywood-inspired designs has matured greatly over the years. Not only is it possible to get your hands on a sari worn by an actress, but you can also get it in a color and texture of your choice. There is a wide collection of meticulously hand-woven saris to machine-embroidered shimmering drapes, from deep shades to delicate pastels. The choice is open to you.

It is best to buy Bollywood Saris online because of the choice available to you. There are online stores that offer a made-to-order option too that help you to revive an ancient style and design. Besides, with offers such as Deal of the Day India, you can get beautiful saris at discounted prices. From above, it is quite clear that we choose to wear what we see. After seeing several seasons, the sari is today viewed as one of the most glamorous outfits. It flatters the female form when draped flawlessly. It is an every occasion garment. So, here’s to the eternal sari.

Are Denim Jackets Still in Fashion?

Denim are the most popular fashion clothing worn by both men and women alike, may it be pants, trousers, shorts, jackets, hoodies, shirts or tees, it seems to be a classic. Denim has always been loved by the fashion world, but we are here to filter out the popular denim jackets and its popularity worldwide among those millions of fashion shoppers, who are constantly hunting down those unique styles and trends every now and then. Before moving into the topic, let’s learn a bit about denim in detail, so as to have an estimate of the overall quality and the importance of denim as an all time classic.

A Short History Of Denim

The famous name ‘denim’ is derived from a french word ‘serge de Nimes’, Denim is a tough piece of clothing, hard rough and very durable with unique method of weaving having a diagonal ribbing and then ‘dyed’ with indigo color to produce that famous blue jeans. The word ‘jeans’ comes from the french word ‘Genes’ which means Genoa, Italy, where it was first invented.

Denim started to impress the fashion world in the mid 19th century, where it became so very popular in the United States Of America, where Jacob W Davis, first invented the rivet-reinforced denim jeans pants. Later he collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co to finally produce the legendary line of denim pants and trousers which was liked by the fashion world and started dominating the garment industry, with a bang!

In 2007 the denim industry made a handsome 51.6 billion dollars in profit, where demand grew by 5% globally. Denim industry is expected to grow by 6.5% between 2015 and 2020, where Asia being the largest manufacturer with China and India among the top two Asian countries.

Fashion Trend And Popularity Of Denim Jackets

Denim jacket was first created in the early 1880 by Levi And Strauss Co, which was liked by people, due to the overall durability and toughness for a lasting comfort. In 1961, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ made denim even more popular as a hot fashion apparel, when she started to use denim jackets and shorts in Hollywood movies. In the 60s, rock lovers started to popularise denim outfits and music lovers started the denim trend where designer jackets and pants became very popular. The introduction of washed and stoned jeans came into existence which makes you look different and highly fashionable. ‘John Lennon’ introduced the classic denim shirt and short long sleeve jacket, which became so very popular in this category, and is still trending, with just few modification to the original classic design. Long sleeved, big shoulder denim jackets came into existence, after its introduction by the famous Hollywood actress ‘Sarah Jessica Parker’, which attracted a large number of female followings and it soon rose in demand very quickly. ‘Madonna’ moved the denim fashion to a new level with mind-blowing design and various color shades with black short denim jacket and a T Shirt was so very trendy and is still considered highly fashionable.

In 90s the denim trend continued with various small modifications, where ‘Britney Spears’, ‘Justin Timberlake’ and many other actors and actresses rejuvenated the reintroduced the denim fashion, and kept it alive in this fashion world. ‘Rihanna’ reinvented denim fashion to a different level, with unique design, rough street wear designs and shredded designs, which attracted the teen population of fashion crazies. The latest hip hop and the slim fit designs are the best to fill you wardrobe with. Long denim jackets with different cocktail design, was ever attractive among men as well as women.

Latest Popularity Trend

The sleeveless design in denim jackets is an old fashion reinvented in 2010 and the knee-length hooded denim jacket, both loose fit and slim fit are loved by crazy fashion hunters. The transformation of classic thick denim to thin elastic varieties became popular in 2012, where denim jackets moved further in fashion and style, with top class spring and autumn fashion collection for males as well as females.

The slim fit thin design with a fresh new look, off shoulder design and long fur coated jacket is the highlight of 2017 denim wear. This new arrivals have attracted the eyes of fashion lovers. Remixed and cocktail design to it, gave it a different hemisphere. The shiny denim clothing is attracting the party wear market.

The long double-breasted, quarter length sleeve and knee-length denim jacket are the most trending designs which is getting popular among denim lovers in 2017. Similarly the shrug design long coats, coat styled double-breasted hip length jackets, side chain lock with large collar jacket, the off shoulder strap-less denim jacket, pull-overs and small jackets are getting more and more demands in the fashion world.

The Final Word

Denim is a fashion classic, re-modified and reinvented every now and then. A jeans jacket can be customized easily, to make it look trendy. People have always played with denim, decorating their them with stickers and other clothing patches. Hence denim fashion is always evolving, in fact the most evolving fashion apparel of all time. I like collecting different types of denim jackets and feel the quality of every piece, and I bet they are different and makes you feel different every time.

Denim ‘Outwear’ have never gone out of fashion, hence we should not be discussing this topic, we should be concentrating on various different re-inventions which is possible, so that we could always improve our lifestyle in a better way.

Deepika Padukone – The Leading Bollywood Actress

There are lots of actresses in bollywood but we know few of them. Deepika Padukone one of them. She is a good actress of the bollywood and famous for her acting in bollywood movies. She acted in many bollywood movies and looking very beautiful.

Deepika Padukone a famous name in Bollywood who started her career from modeling then entered in advertisement world, where she became a famous face for Dabur lal powder, Liril orange, limca and close-up toothpaste. She got her first break for bollywood in OM SHANTI OM with Shahrukh Khan, though many actresses got break with him but few of them able to sustain in bollywood. And Deepika is the name among them who sustained. Deepika Padukone movies which will be releasing soon are Krrish 2, Corporate 2 and Desi Boyz. She did many films and gave many hits in box office like Kartik calling Kartik, Love aaj kal, Housefull, Lafangey Parinde etc.

She is daughter of a national badminton player and she herself played badminton since tenth standard, she likes her father’s sport it is in her blood and acting is her passion. If you see deepika Padukone photos you can find that why at the fifth annual Kingfisher fashion awards for Indian models and designers she was awarded the title of Model of the year. None of the actresses have a perfect combo like her of figure, style, attitude, acting and strength. She is very energetic as her body is a solid one and not just a body as other actresses has. She has proper muscles which we can assume that how hard she uses to do gym. Currently she is dating actor Ranbir Kapoor with whom she did her movie Bachna Ae Haseeno in 2008.

Recently she played a role of blind girl in her movie Lafangey Parinde with Neil Nitin Mukesh in which she did a mind blowing acting, which could only be done by her as she was so in to that role it was looking completely real that actually she was blind. In every movie she showed her different talent and she did it all perfectly. That is why she is one of the good actresses of Bollywood.

Fashion Trends – How Fashion Trends Are Started

If you have ever watched any part of the fashion shows that go on each year, you see clothes that will never make it to your local store. In fact, you may never see these things again. As the average consumer, you could never afford any of those things, even if you want to get them. What you can learn from these shows, however, is what may be indeed trickling down in the stores.

You may never find anything that looks remotely like what you see on the runway, or at least that is what you might think. The elements of those designs, however, are going to be everywhere. They take parts and pieces, and usually the general feel of an item from high fashion and then they turn them into clothes that most of us can wear. Things like the line of a skirt, a type of hat, and even a color will dictate the latest fashion trends.

You don’t have to look to the runways to find out about the latest fashion trends, however. All you have to do is watch television. What you see on your favorite actors and actresses is what will be coming along very soon. Those who choose the wardrobes for various shows are keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and at times, setting them. You can find a lot of information and inspiration when you watch soap operas, as they always dress nicely, and they are aired very shortly after the episodes are shot.

You can also find out more about the latest fashion trends by looking around the stores. When you see something you have never seen before, it is likely that someone designed this hoping it would catch on. New colors and shapes are often signs that new things are coming around. You only have to decide what you like and what you want to skip. You are going to find that many of the latest fashion trends are not to your liking, but there will always be something there that you do like. This is why we follow the trends, but we all look good in a different way. There are plenty of options, all you have to do is go with what you like and what looks good on you.

Trimmings and Fashion Accessories That Can Make You the Next Face of Fashion

Fashion is defined as: “a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time”.

This definition might explain itself why Taylor Momsen is becoming not only the face, but also the body, the arrogance, the trend, the style and the fashion that every high fashion icon wants to embrace with open arms.

The Gossip Girl actress, recently named to be the face of the Material Girl fashion line created by Lourdes Leon and her famous and fashionable mother Madona, both rock star and a fashion icon, was just announced today as the new face of the Galliano’s new fragrance!

This Monday, Taylor turned 17 years old… but she is already a real fashion business woman. Controlling her own fashion appearance and firing her stylist responsible to be able to wear rebellious rock and chic fabrics and haberdashery trimmings.

To quote Taylor speaking on MTV “the firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I was”.

Taylor has definitely banished the chiffons and embellished ribbons and buttons that made her the clean teenager image on Gossip Girl.

She replaces those with sexy feminine outfits that embrace her body as if she was already a woman. She is traipsing around town in her underwear but anyway, apparently this behavior is making her rare in fashion industry.

Her new debut in the New Look Fashion line campaign and her debut career with the model agency IMG at the start of this year are proof of her fashionable successful career. But at Neo Trimmings, we are wondering if she really has her own fashion signature style…

Simply Coco – How One Woman Changed the Fashion Industry Forever

Deep in the countryside of Saumur France, August 19, 1883 bore the birth of a baby girl given the name Gabrielle Chasnel. As the illegitimate daughter of a forsaken romance between an aspiring seamstress and a Nomad, Gabrielle would grow up ashamed of her family and later lead her life in denial of her past. Still against all odds, she would become a legend; one who would eventually be known to the world as Coco Chanel. As an integrative fashion designer, Coco single-handedly launched what is now considered to be one of the world’s most recognized brand names: Chanel. Named after her adopted surname, the company which first began in a small French village nearly 100 years ago is now worth an estimated 11.8 billion dollars. How exactly did Coco Chanel accomplish such a rags-to-riches fairytale? Her journey was not a simple one.

Gabrielle Chasnel began her life as the second child of Jeanne Devolle and Albert Chanel, a young and unwed couple searching for independence and identity. When Gabrielle was born, her birth was recorded by two illiterate employees of a local hospice. The workers were not sure of how to spell ‘Chanel’, prompting them to improvise and spell her surname incorrectly as ‘Chasnel’ on the birth certificate. Later as an adult, Gabrielle would refuse to correct this mistake in fear that the truth of her illegitimacy would become public. The Chanel family struggled financially during Gabrielle’s childhood, with Albert and Jeanne often sacrificing their own food to feed their children. By the time Gabrielle was 12 years old, she had 4 siblings in total. Despite having relatively close relationships with her family now, Gabrielle would later insist that she was an only child, and pay her real siblings off as a way to prevent public humiliation from the truth about her real family. Her father left early in 1895 that year to expedite across Europe, leaving Jeanne alone to support their 5 children. The combination of loneliness and stress led Jeanne to face a series of medical problems. Her health matters only became worse over the years, and she eventually died from tuberculosis in the winter of 1895.

Gabrielle’s father returned for a short while, but soon left again in hopes of saving up money to raise his family. Because of his absence, the Chanel children were divided to stay with extended family and orphanages. Gabrielle, along with her older sister were sent to an orphanage. Since they had no money, the girls stayed at the home for free. Still, this was in no way considered a privilege. The nuns or “aunts” as they were referred to at the Catholic-based home were extremely cruel to the Chanel sisters in particular, and often singled them out for being ‘charity cases’. To ‘earn her keep’, Gabrielle was forced to became a seamstress. Though assured that her stay there was temporary, Albert never returned to his family.

Gabrielle remained in the orphanage, visiting her other relatives only during school vacations. On the occasions that she did visit, various female family members adamantly taught Gabrielle techniques to improve her sewing. At the age of 18, Gabrielle left the orphanage and began working for a local tailor. Despite talking freely about her experience at the orphanage, and explaining in meticulous detail the abuse in which she encountered from the ‘aunts’, Gabrielle later insisted that she was more than thankful for her upbringing. She once told a French newspaper that “I’ve been ungrateful toward the odious aunts. I owe them everything. A child in revolt becomes a person with armor and strength. It’s the kisses, caresses, teachers, and vitamins that… turn [children] into unhappy or sickly adults. It’s the mean and nasty aunts who create winners… under nastiness looms strength, and a passion for grandeur.” Still, Coco frequently contradicted herself, blaming the aunts for her all her inferiorities. This irregularity from her interviews led many to question her honesty in later years.

The first decade of the 1900’s not only brought the fresh start of a new century, but also many personal changes for Gabrielle. After adopting the name Coco during a brief stint as a café singer from 1905-1908, Gabrielle met and began an affair with a man she was introduced to while working at a tailoring shop: a French playboy and millionaire, Etienne Balsan. Gabrielle, hereafter referred to as simply ‘Coco’, quickly turned into a member of an accustomed high-class society. Life became a materialistic game in which Coco thrived to have more riches than anyone else. Balsan endowed Coco with splendors of the rich life, including diamonds, dresses, and pearls. During her time spent living with Balsan, Coco took on the hobby of designing hats for herself. Soon, this frivolous pastime became a much more profound talent and interest of the budding designer. In 1907, Coco opened up her first shop which offered a range of chic raincoats and jackets for a generous cost. Coco later confessed that the shop was in fact Balsan’s lavish Paris apartment, and that she had taken it over after leaving him the prior year. Though the fashionable boutique was located in the center of thriving Paris, France, the store was not as prosperous as Coco had hoped. She was requested to surrender the property in early 1908. Still, the lack of success from her shop failed to disappoint or discourage Coco; it only made her more determined.

On a chance occasion prior to World War I, Coco reconnected with Etienne Balsan’s former best friend, Arthur “Boy” Capel, a wealthy English polo player who Coco later referred to “the only love” of her life. The two soon began a madly passionate relationship that lasted from 1909 until 1918, though Capel was never completely faithful to Coco. Still, Arthur had a lasting impression on the styles of Coco, and his abundance of money helped her to gather enough resources to open another shop. With his support, Coco eventually gained access to a desirable property and financial assistance to open her second millinery shop in Brittany, France.

This time Coco experienced much more success than she did with her previous shop. Impressive clientele at Chanel’s shops, including famed American diplomats and renowned French actresses helped to build her notable reputation. In the middle of 1913, Coco opened her third and largest boutique in Deauville, featuring original women’s sportswear. This was a huge change from the common corsets that most women opted to wear to impress their husbands. A preferred location helped this shop become more profitable than the others; most women in Deauville during the World War I era were coming to realize that women should dress for themselves instead of their men. The wardrobe in which Chanel offered seemed captivating and liberating to women of this time.

Nonetheless, Capel’s influence played a huge role in deciding what fashions Coco would choose to style and sell. For example, the design of Arthur’s favorite blazers inspired Coco to incorporate a squared, masculine touch on classic suit designs. These styles still remain a staple part of the Chanel wardrobe. Coco and Arthur’s affair lasted for many years. Though Capel married Diana Wyndham, an honorable English aristocrat in late 1918, he still remained close to Coco. Later in her life, Chanel listed Capel’s fatal car accident in late 1919 the “single most devastating event” in her life. Many believe that the tragic loss of her great love was the sole reason why Chanel never married.

In the year preceding Capel’s death, world ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev introduced a distraught Coco to famed composer Igor Stravinsky. Aside from consoling Coco’s broken heart, Sergei became a close friend and supposed companion. Chanel offered Diaghilev and his family to reside with her in her French estate. During the time in which this temporary abide took place is when it was rumored that the two had an affair. Two years after her so called ‘illicit affair’ with Diaghilev ended, Coco introduced a new product: a perfume, called Chanel No. 5. The new fragrance quickly became, and remains one of the most lucrative products of the Chanel empire. A man named Pierre Wertheimer was announced Coco’s partner in the perfume portion of the business in 1924. It was also speculated that Wertheimer may have been yet another one of the many lovers Coco had in her lifetime. Still, Wertheimer remained a close confidant and his family continues to control Chanel’s perfume company today.

In 1923, Coco told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. Chanel applied this statement to each and every feature of her company. The clothing she designed was always ensured to be simple, comfortable, and revealing. One of Coco’s greatest talents was the art of upgrading fabrics that were considered ‘poor’, such as jersey. Coco was also extremely influential in helping design the iconic 1920’s flapper: young women who strutted around with sleek hair and flat chests, publicly applying their makeup and smoking with long cigarette holders.

In 1925, a woman named Vera Bate Lombardi became Chanel’s official public relations liaison to several European royal families. Lombardi was reported to have had the highest correlations to build the House of Chanel. Interestingly enough, it was Lombardi’s personality whom Coco established her English Look based upon. Lombardi introduced Coco to her aristocratic family members, including her uncle, the Duke of Westminster and her cousin, the Duke of Windsor. Her close relations with many other royals only assisted in Chanel’s creative rule of the fashion world.

Also in 1925, Coco introduced her long-anticipated signature cardigan jacket. The iconic Chanel jackets have several distinguishing designs, and are constructed differently than the traditional tailored jacket. For example, Chanel’s original pieces contain silk lining quilted directly to the fabric, opposed to the usual inner structure of pad stitching. Additionally, Chanel jackets all feature machine sewn and hand-stitched fabric, providing them with more durability. The distinctive Chanel three-piece sleeve is also constructed similarly before being hand sewn to the jacket’s body. The arrays of heavy trims, metal buttons, and curbed chains sewn to the hem have a functional purpose as well. All of these factors together grant the finished product with a tremendously comfortable garment. Most of Chanel’s inventive fashions, including her signature jacket have not changed much since their original debut. This can prove that Chanel’s integrative styles were the product of a brilliant woman beyond her time.

The year 1926 brought the birth of what is now considered to be ‘the’ staple item in every woman’s closet: the signature little black dress. Now commonly referred to as simply a “LBD”, the little black dress was an instant success for Chanel, prompting American Vogue to call it the “Ford”; just as Henry Ford’s Model-T car, the LBD was an immediate hit and widely available. Chanel’s first creation of the little black dress was a slash-necked, short silk dress with diagonal pin-tucks serving decoration. Though many may perceive the LBD as too plain, Coco strongly believed that fashion should be just as functional as it was chic. Ideally simple, her interpretation of the LBD was designed to conceal stains and to fit every woman. The little black dress also is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit different people’s needs perfectly. Some believe that Coco’s early years spent at the convent orphanage with nuns offered Coco an intuitive affinity for the “uniform” worn by the women who had raised her in her time of need. Regardless, Chanel’s legendary LBD has remained the epitome of simple elegance for over 80 years.

In 1939 at the start of World War II, Coco closed all of her shops. She believed that in the middle of the entire world’s chaos, fashion was not a top priority. Coco began residing in what would become a more than 30 year stay at the Hotel Ritz Paris. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, she was widely criticized for engaging in a steamy affair with Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a German officer and Nazi spy who secretly arranged for Coco to remain in the hotel. During this same time period, Coco maintained two other residences, both of which were also located in France.

In fall of 1943, Coco sought to end 4 years of professional partition with Vera Bate Lombardi who was staying in Rome. Though Lombardi was unaware of it then, Coco’s true intention was to contact Lombardi’s relative, Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a member of the Walter Schellenberg Nazi plan “Operation Modellhut”. Chanel extended an offer for Lombardi to resume her work for Paris’ House of Chanel. Lombardi was overwhelmed until she discovered the truth behind Coco’s request. Vera adamantly repudiated Coco’s request, citing the fashion designer’s guise as “cut-throat”. Vera was later captured as an English spy and was locked in a Roman prison by the Gestapo. Chanel was also briefly arrested for war related crimes, shortly after Lombardi’s detainment. However, Coco’s close ties with the British Royal family ultimately prevented her from being taken to trial.

Two years after her close encounter with prison, the Nazi Empire crumbled and France was free once more. Still, the French government warned of harsh punishments to French citizens who may have partnered with the Nazis. Coco’s previous ties with Hans Gunther von Dincklage provoked several rumors about her loyalty to France. Fearfully Chanel fled to Switzerland, in hopes of obtaining a fresh new start. Coco chose to convey an upscale, yet relatively low-key lifestyle, residing in upper Lausanne aside the sandy shores of Lake Geneva. She could often be seen indulging in beauty treatments at the Valmont Clinic, which was in close proximity to her oceanfront home. Chanel was also frequently witnessed at the Steffan tea room in upper Montreux, a popular spot for local celebrities. During her stay in Switzerland, a distraught and spiteful Coco began to create her own collection of perfumes without informing her partner Pierre Wertheimer. Though Wertheimer believed his legal rights were breached, he settled the disagreement with Coco civilly. She eventually sold inclusive rights to her name to the Wertheimer family in exchange for a monthly remuneration. This stipend helped to support her and her live-in friend: former Nazi spy, Hans Gunther von Dincklage.

1953 marked the year that Chanel finally returned to Paris, only to discover that famed designer Christian Dior was now the alpha of the couture world. Coco decided to consult her estranged former business-partner Pierre Wertheimer for guidance and financial back-up. In return, Wertheimer was awarded full rights to all Chanel products. Their alliance was hoped to have sparked a flame that would reignite Coco’s majestic stance in the fashion industry. However, this was not the case for the French selection of her clientele. Chanel’s new collections were not successful with local Parisians. It is widely speculated that this is because of Coco’s publicized previous relations with German officer von Dincklage. Still, her collection was celebrated by Americans, who would later become her most prevalent purchases.

In February of 1955, the now famous Chanel suit was re-introduced to the public. Her casual yet sophisticated styles once more captured the eyes of women globally. Also in the same month, the fashionable Chanel chain handled quilted leather handbag originally premiered. Coco additionally and impressively established her first men’s cologne, referred to in France as eau de toilette, which she named Pour Monsieur. Chanel’s spring collection was granted the Fashion Oscar at the 1957 Fashion Awards in Dallas. Soon after, Chanel introduced pea jackets and bell bottoms, whose popularity soared in the 1970’s. Coco is also believed by many to be the initial trend-setter for the now popular suntanned skin look. On the eve of her return from St. Barts, Coco sported a summer glow to a fashion show, standing out from the rest of the powdered and pale faces of all the other women.

January 10, 1971 was the final day of Coco’s life. Her obituary listed her as still “designing, still working” at the time of her death. Though she led a remarkable and extraordinary life, Chanel died alone, with only the presence of her sketches and fabric samples to keep her company. In the last years of her life, Coco had become somewhat of a recluse, only leaving her home when absolutely necessary. She had few real friends, and no family. Many may have envied the aspects of Coco’s glamorous and wealthy lifestyle in theory, but most would not have traded their own lives for hers. Though Coco died with a superfluous amount of money, she was lonesome, and never got to experience the one-of-a-kind love and joy of having a husband or children. After her death, Coco Chanel left behind a true legacy. Still, her life seemed as empty as her pockets were during her childhood. She was 87.

Coco Chanel is one of the most important fashion designers of all time. In fact, Coco Chanel’s influence on modern couture was so prominent that she was the only person in the field to be mentioned on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century.” Though Coco is still criticized today for being dubious about her childhood and years before her stardom, some support her decisions, citing that she was only attempting to “diminish the disgrace that poverty and illegitimacy bestowed upon the unfortunates in 19th century France”. Though Chanel has been deceased for nearly 30 years, her legacy continues to live on today. In the utmost of impressive ways, Coco Chanel single-handedly changed the face of fashion, and for that, she will live on for eternity.

Audrey Hepburn Fashion and Style

Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4th, 1929 and died on January 20th, 1993. She was the most remarkable and gorgeous icon of the 1950s. She looked like almost any ordinary girl, yet was like no one else. Audrey Hepburn-Ruston was an award winning actress, style icon, fashion model, humanitarian and UNICEF ambassador. She had worked hard to become a ballet dancer but ended up being the world’s famous and highest paid film actress.

Each of her films was enhanced with her original presence and she remained beloved for being unique. Audrey was graceful, cheery, beautiful, intelligent and confident. Most of the types of clothing and shoe designs are named after her as her fashion choices became a factor of influence. The Audrey Collection includes slim trousers, Capri pants, black turtleneck, ballet flats, little black dress, silk scarf, evening gown, hat and trench coat. Audrey never advised women to blindly follow her choice of clothing. Her advice for women was to have the right attitude towards their life and body. Audrey picked clothing that suited her body and not because they were innovative. She was expert in creating her own looks.

She had the ability to create a wardrobe only after understanding what cuts would look good on her. Audrey believed in dressing for comfort and her ballet flats were quite practical as well as sophisticated. She had her own beliefs and ate what she liked using her common sense to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Audrey Hepburn was an optimist who knew beauty started from within and clothes in the closet didn’t make any difference. She had a positive attitude towards life and generosity for people around her. She believed a genuine smile could even make the simplest outfit look great.

Hollywood Fashion Tips – Spanx Underwear

Every time an A-list celebrity walks down a red carpet for a gala affair, gossip reporters always want to know who and what they are wearing. The names of famous designers and their houses always tumble from their lips but one more name should be added: Spanx. Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to wearing it and so did Queen Latifah. So what exactly is this item that has become Hollywood’s not so well hidden secret?

Spanx shapewear is a brand of form fitting underwear, girdles, and pantyhose that sculpts you underneath your clothes for a smooth and slim silhouette. It camouflages your cellulite and it also lifts and tucks any problem areas you might have. Spanx is a must if you have a special soiree to attend and you want to look your best by giving the illusion of knocking a few pounds off your body. And best of all, you didn’t have to go on any crash diet or have any liposuction. Talk about a Hollywood special effect.

For those who follow Hollywood’s every fashion trend, let this be a lesson. Even with all their trainers and special cooks at their disposal, actors and actresses still don’t have perfect bodies. Everybody needs help and Spanx levels the playing field.

People often have better bodies than they realize but they often fall into the trap of not having the support undergarments they need. The counter point has always been that no one would even notice if you are wearing old and frayed underwear so why spend the money. This is far from reality because you can often spot ill fitting underwear from the outer clothes. Think of overly tight panties and bras that just squeeze out the rolls of fat. It’s not hard to think of a day when we don’t see people committing these grievous fashion crimes. In fact, it can be said that your underwear makes your outerwear wardrobe as the clothes will hang and fit better on a body that isn’t lumpy with protruding fat.

So the next time you are thinking about buying a replica dress that your favourite actress wore, reflect if you have the Spanx underwear to go with it. It is probably the most important staple in a woman’s wardrobe. After all, everybody in Hollywood is wearing it.

Angela Jolie – Movie Star Brad Pitt’s Wife and an Actress?

When Angelina Jolie was bombarded with praise for her role in A Mighty Heart in June 2007, America suddenly remembered: Oh, yeah. She’s an actress, too, isn’t she?

She’s appeared in films regularly since 1999, but since 2004 she’s been best-known as a humanitarian baby-collector who trots the globe in search of orphaned children to adopt. She became so strongly associated with that, in fact, that the public forgot she’d also been a home-wrecker, breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when she and Pitt worked together on Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

And before THAT, she was best-known for being a semi-creepy bisexual Goth chick who had a thing for blood, and who said she was in love with her brother at the Oscars. She was a nutcase, in other words. Men were turned on by her while simultaneously being terrified of her. And now she’s the acting equivalent of Bono, a professional do-gooder and a responsible citizen of the world.

Jolie, daughter of actor Jon Voight, grew up resenting her father for their family’s breakup. The rift lasted decades, temporarily lifting when the two appeared together in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, then reappearing immediately thereafter. She has said that her parents’ divorce was devastating to her and her brother, and she’s never recovered. Perhaps it explains some of her more unusual behavior.

She first started working regularly in the movies in 1999, with five films that year alone. One of them was Girl, Interrupted, for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. (The role: an off-kilter, suicidal girl in a mental institution. Some would say it wasn’t much of a stretch.) Her star seemed to be on the rise.

The early 2000s brought plenty of films, yet not a single major hit. The first Tomb Raider movie grossed only $131 million; all of her other movies were outright flops: Original Sin, Life or Something Like It, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives… any of those ring a bell? It wasn’t until Mr. & Mrs. Smith was released in 2005 that Jolie headlined a legitimate box-office smash, but her beauty, sex appeal, and notoriety kept earning her high-profile roles anyway.

Meanwhile, her personal life was ever-changing. Having already married and divorced actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, she shacked up with Pitt in 2005. They were soon expanding the family both through adoption and good ol’-fashioned pregnancy, in addition to taking active part in humanitarian causes.

This was quite a change from Jolie’s earlier bad girl days, when she wore a vial of Thornton’s blood around her neck, and appeared at her first wedding clad in black leather with her groom’s name written in blood across her back.

The new Jolie — the mature, humanitarian Jolie — is for real, though. Born in 1975, she was still young when she married Miller and Thornton, and she had a strange upbringing. She went through her bizarre, rebellious phase in the public eye, settled down, and now is happy to be a working mother. She’s not the same person she was 10 years ago; she’s better.

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Oscars 2011 Red Carpet Fashion

The Oscars Academy Awards is the ultimate Red Carpet event of the year – Yes the awards are highly coveted but the fashion at the Oscars 2011 will always outshine the award winners and losers. Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-hosted the Oscars 2011 and the mighty Miss Anne Hathaway had no less than 7 dress changes not including her red carpet look! That’s right Anne Hathaway wore 7 dresses to the Oscars 2011!! And for most that would mean the potential to choose 7 bad dresses but we think Anne Hathaway was the fashion star of the Oscars 2011 in all 7 of her dresses. Anne Hathaway stole the show in designs by Tom Ford which she closed the show in, Giorgio Armani Prive, Oscar De La Renta, Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin ( for her effortlessly chic tux) and Givenchy – basically Anne Hathaway’s outfit changes were a who’s who of designer royalty for the Academy Awards 2011. Take a look at Anne Hathaway in all her Oscar glory and our other favourite Celebs from Michelle Williams in Chanel, Jennifer Lawrence in her specially made dress designed by Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa. Plus, more fashion from the Oscars 2011.

The traditional Anne Hathaway styling for the Oscars 2011 was just divine! It has been reported that stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe was reportedly paid a six figure sum to dress the co-host for this prestigious event – We think it was well worth it as Anne Hathaway looked amazing in all 7 of her Oscar dresses, 8 Oscar dresses including her red carpet look.

Modern styling for the Co-Presenter Anne Hathaway – A step away from her traditional style and we LOVE it!

The general styling on the red carpet appeared to be understated chic – It was classic, within the lines of fashion there were not any ground breaking styles no Lady Gaga OTT dresses and eggs. Its was elegant, sophisticated and refined – everything you would expect from the Academy Awards red carpet.

Florence Welch stunned in a nude Valentino gown that suited the fiery red headed singer perfectly. With its vintage style and nude colourings the understated classic dress was the perfect choice for the Oscars red carpet. Halle Berry wowed the critics in her Marchesa gown with tulle skirt, it was a great choice for the actress and made a nice change from the usual variations of LBD she tends to wear to red carpet events. Hilary Swank looked delectable in her Gucci gown complete with feathers – the colour looked great and complimented the actresses figure and skin tone. These three lovely ladies rocked the red carpet at the Academy Awards in nude palettes.

Scarlett Johansson was well err Scarlett for the Oscars red carpet she wore a super fitted Dolce and Gabanna dress in the prettiest shades of scarlett – the dress looked uber chic and her tousled shorter hair balanced out the straight lines of the dress. Sandra Bullock was a lady in red at the Academy Awards in a gorge Vera Wang gown – the colour is shocking and with the red lippy to boot Sandra Bullock looks a demure style siren. Jennifer Lawrence looked red hot in her red dress made specially for her by Calvin Klein designer Francisci Costa. We don’t know about you but were loving the red hot colours of these dresses from the Oscars 2011 – Which star is your fave here?

The hotly anticipated Black Swan star Natalie Portman opted for an off the shoulder dress by Rodarte who designed for Black Swan.

The Black Swan beauty Mila Kunis looked elegantly chic in her Elie Saab gown, the lavender colour of her Oscar dress suited the star perfectly, flowing loose fitting this dress screams confidence and understated beauty – we LOVED it! What do you think to this rather unusual colour for an Oscars dress? Michelle Williams was pixie pretty with her elfin crop beautifully complimented by her silver Chanel Couture gown – Heart her style! Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean lined Calvin Klein dress at the Academy Awards has had mixed reviews from the style critics – We like the shiny simplicity of the dress – the style suits the actresses slim physique and is elegant. You wouldn’t look back at this dress choice and cringe that’s for sure!

Who has been your favourite celebrity at the Oscars 2011 fashion? The biggest Oscars fashion trends were nudes and red dresses – which ones your favourite? The red carpet was awash with designers and the worlds most talented and beautiful and we think their dress choices were the perfect choice for such a prestigious occasion. Let us know what your favourite Academy Award fashion was!